Yueh Cha

Located in south Taiwan, we focus on delivering you the finest teas of Taiwan and everything to enjoy the tea!

Yueh Cha is engaged in finding 100% full leaf and pure high-quality tea as well as rare fine tea from organic and non-chemical fertilized tea farms in Taiwan. Most of our partners are located in Nantou; Taiwan, providing a wide range of flavors!

Our Tea gift boxes are also from Taiwan, this way we don’t need non-eco-friendly shipping from China to our packing house in Taiwan.

This is important if you plan environmental friendly farming.

At Yueh Cha, we focus on premium quality. From the teaware production to visiting each tea farm, talking to experienced tea roasting master and tasting each batch of tea,

We assure you that you drink the same tea we drink!

Our Tea is available in both full tea leaves or tea bags. The taste will be the same ! Even if in the bag the leaves can be shortened.

The main difference between bags or leaves will be the time you have to make tea.

Do you have time to prepare the tea with a full tea set?

Or you are in hurry and using a bag in mug can save you time ?

You can also buy our tea leaves and spare tea bags and make your own teabags! Interesting no?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!