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Taiwanese Teas

From full tea leaves to tea bags enjoy organic taiwanese teas.

You can also choose full tea leaves and order tea bags seperately

Select you tea from our collection :

  • Oolong Tea

A tea with a large variety of oxidation (8 to 85%).

Choose Oolong if you need a tea with pleasant aroma and a fuity flavor.

  • GABA Tea

The GABA Tea (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a process of oxigen free oxidation. This tea contributes to lower stress level, improving the sleep and reducing depression.

  • Black Tea

Black tea goes through all the oxidation stages. This tea is cultivated since the aboriginals in Taiwan. Choose Black tea if you want to taste the traditional Taiwanese Tea !

Tea from local farmers in Taiwan

We source all our teas in Taiwan directly from the farmers. All the farms are eco-responsible and all the packing are coming from Taiwan.

Drinking our tea is drinking a tea that comes directly from the farm !